Heater removal

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Heater removal

Postby Woodsy » December 4th, 2017, 5:48 am

hello all,
Anyone know the easiest way to remove the heater?
I have a high output heater and the fan motor is in need of attention. Basically it works but the bearings are dry and it starts squealing when it's been running a while.
From what I can see the front panel/grill has to be removed to get to the fixing bolts or am I missing something?
I thought about misting the inlet with WD40 spray in the hope that some of it finds it's way onto the motor bearing/bushes.
If I have to strip the front down to do it then I'll be rust proofing all I can get to with the front panel removed, it just means the van will be off road for a while and I'd rather wait until the weather gets better. We are basically into winter here now in the UK and the van won't fit in my garage :cry:

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Tom S
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Re: Heater removal

Postby Tom S » December 4th, 2017, 11:13 am

You only have to remove the 3 bolts behind the battery in order to pull the heater box out so you can change the blower motor. Then wiggle the heater box down & out, first pulling slightly to the right in order to pull apart the heater box connection to the defrost vent.
The heater box connection to the defrost vent I speak of is just the upper left part of the plastic heater box that is roughly a 2.5”-3” square opening. It just slides into the vent to the defrosters.
I don’t have a photo of a whole intact heater box. Maybe you could post one when you get your heater out?
When you put it back in be careful to get the heat vent to the defrosters lined up.
I’ve done this several times but never, as VespaMike suggested in this first link, removed the defrost vent or its screws or the arm that goes to the dash control. It’s just not necessary & would only complicate things.
See all these threads.
Remove heater box:
Blower motor replacement:
High Output Heater Core and heater box mod:
Edit: Found photo of intact heater box. 'Connection to the defrost vent.' (Outlet to defroster vents)
Heater box (2).jpg

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